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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Question Bank

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Question Bank

A. Introduction (2 marks) 1. Write four pharmaceutical uses of microorganisms. 2. State Koch’s postulates. 3. List out harmful effects of micro-organisms 4. Write any four applications of Microbiology. 5. Name the major divisions of the microbial world. 6. Write contributions of Antony Van Leeuwen hek. 7. Write the contributions of Edward Jenner. 8. Write …

Phytopharmaceuticals and pharmacognosy question bank

Pharmacognosy & Phytopharmaceuticals Complete Question Bank

II – PHARM. D PHARMACOGNOSY AND PHYTOPHARMACEUTICALS QUESTION BANK Chapter 1: Detailed study of various cell constituents Short Answers: 2 Marks 1. List out the various types of plant constituents. 2. Name the different types of phytoconstituents present in plants. 3. Define carbohydrates and glycosides. 4. What are the primary cell constituents? Give examples. 5. …


Pathophysiology Complete Question Bank

PATHOPHYSIOLOGY – PHARM D-II YEAR QUESTION BANK Unit-1.Basic principles of cell injury and adaptation LONG ESSAYS: 10 MARKS 1. What are cellular adaptations? Give examples. 2. Explain the various types of cell injury with examples? Discuss the Etiology of cell injury. 3. Describe the pathogenesis of reversible cell injury induced by hypoxia/ischemia. 4. Describe the …

health education and community pharmacy question paper

Community Pharmacy Question Bank

Chapter 1.Community Pharmacy:- Definition & roles &responsibilities of community pharmacy:- Scope of community pharmacy ( 2 Marks ) 1. Define community Pharmacy. 2. Define community Pharmacist. 3. Write about the Role of a community Pharmacist. 4. What are the Responsibility communities Pharmacist? 5. What is the scope of community Pharmacy? 6. What do you know …


Pharmacology I Question Bank(Complete Syllabus)

PHARMACOLOGY-I CHAPTER: General Pharmacology SHORT ESSAY 5X1=5 MARKS 1. Write a note on pharmacodynamic drug interaction. 2. Write a note on pharmacokinetic drug interaction. 3. Write a note on preclinical evaluation 4. Explain Drug tolerance in detail 5. Write a note on drug dependence and explain its mechanism 6. Factors affecting drug actions 7. Write …

Pharm D
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