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health education and community pharmacy question paper

Community Pharmacy Question Bank

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1.Community Pharmacy:- Definition & roles &responsibilities of community pharmacy:- Scope of community pharmacy

( 2 Marks )

1. Define community Pharmacy.
2. Define community Pharmacist.
3. Write about the Role of a community Pharmacist.
4. What are the Responsibility communities Pharmacist?
5. What is the scope of community Pharmacy?
6. What do you know about the responsibilities of a Community pharmacist?
7. Remunerate about the role of Community pharmacist
8. Explain the scope of Community pharmacy in India.
9. What is the responsibilities of community pharmacist.
10. Enumerate about f community pharmacist

Chapter 2. Community pharmacy management:

Selection of site, space, layout design, Staff materials, coding, and stocking, Legal requirements, Maintenance of various registers, use of computers.

( 5 Marks )

1. Explain in brief about Selection of site, space for Community Pharmacy.
2. Explain in brief about the use of computers in community pharmacy?
3. Discuss the legal requirements in community pharmacy?
4. Explain the need of registers in community pharmacy?
5. What are different Steps involved in the selection of site for community pharmacy?
6. Explain the layout of community pharmacy?
7. What do you know about legal requirements about Community pharmacist.
8. How computers and softwares are useful in Community pharmacy.
9. Write about maintainance of various registers in Community pharmacy.
10. How coding and decoding are done in Community pharmacy.

Chapter 3. Prescriptions: Parts of prescription, legality & identificationof medication related problems like drug interactions.

(2 Marks )

1. Define prescription.
2. Comment on Drug interaction.
3. Enumerate about medication related problems.
4. Name the sources of drug interaction checkers.
5. Give examples of drug-drug interactions.
6. Give examples of drug-food interactions.
7. Give examples of drug-other body components interactions.
8. Define drug interactions.
9. How do you identify medication related problems.
10. What do you know about different parts of prescription.

Chapter 4. Inventory control in community pharmacy :

Definition, various methods of Inventory Control, ABC, VED, EOQ, Lead time, safety stock.

( 5 Marks)

1. What are the various methods of inventory control techniques. Explain any one method.
2. Explain about ABC analysis with an example.
3. Explain about VED analysis with an example.
4. Explain EOQ analysis with an example.
5. What is Lead time and reorder level?
6. Explain about safety stock buffer stock?
7. What are the different methods of Inventory control followed in community pharmacy?
8. Define ABC, VED, EOQ, buffer stock, and lead time.
9. Define inventory control, safety stock, reorder level, minimum safety level, and maximum safety level.
10. What do you know about ABC and VED analysis.

Chapter 5. Pharmaceutical care: Definition and Principles of Pharmaceutical care.

5 Marks

1. Define pharmaceutical care. Write in detail about the principles of pharmaceutical care
2. Explain in detail about principles of pharmaceutical care .
3. Discuss in detail about principles of pharmaceutical care
4. What do you mean by pharmaceutical care.
5. Describe about principles of pharmaceutical care.
6. Describe the principle involved for pharmaceutical care
7. What is the principles of pharmaceutical care.
8. Explain about pharmaceutical care
9. Write about importance of pharmaceutical care
10. Enumurate in detail about pharmaceutical care,

2 Marks

1. Define pharmaceutical care
2. What is the principle involved in pharmaceutical care.
3. Write in brief about pharmaceutical care.
4. Comment on pharmaceutical care.
5. Enumerate about pharmaceutical care.
6. Discuss pharmaceutical care.
7. Enumerate about role of Pharmacist in pharmaceutical care.
8. Comment on principles in pharmaceutical care.
9. Define Pharmacist role towards pharmaceutical care.
10. Write about pharmaceutical care.

Chapter 6 Patient counseling: Definition, outcomes, various stages, barriers, Strategies to overcome barriers
Patient information leaflets- content, design, & layouts, advisory labels

5 Marks

1. Explain various barriers of patient counseling
2. What are the different Methods to overcome patient counseling barriers?
3. Write briefly about the advantages and disadvantages of patient counseling?
4. What are the various stages of patient counseling?
5. Explain Patient information leaflet?
6. Write a note on design & layout of leaflets?
7. Discuss about the contents of PIL?
8. Explain Advisory labels in patient counseling?
9. Explain Advisory label for paracetamol.
10. Explain Advisory label for cough syrup.
11. Explain Advisory label for proton pump inhibiter.

2 Marks

1. Counseling tips for haematonics.
2. Define patient counseling.
3. Counseling tips for multi-vitamins.
4. Objectives of patient counseling.
5. Advisory label for antacids.
6. Define the terms Patient information leaflet, Advisory label.
7. Counseling tips for Antacids.
8. Counseling tips for Aspirin in pregnancy.
9. Counseling tips for sedatives.
10. Explain about communication skills.

Chapter 7 Patient medication adherence. Definition, Factors affecting medication adherence, the role of the pharmacist in improving the adherence.

2 marks

1. Define the term medication adherence.
2. Name any two medication adherence scales
3. Role of pharmacist in improving medication adherence
4. What are the different methods for measuring the medication adherence
5. Mention any four factors affecting medication adherence.
6. Explain the term medication adherence.
7. Name the factors affecting medication adherence.
8. What do you mean by medication non-adherence.
9. Functions of Pharmacist in preventing medication non-adherence.
10. Steps involved in medication adherence.

Chapter 8 Health screening services Definition, importance, methods for screening Blood
Pressure / blood sugar/ lung function and Cholesterol testing

10 marks

1. Define Health screening explain about cholesterol testing
2. What is the importance of health screening services explain about the testing of blood pressure
3. Discuss about the lung function tests.
4. Define Health screening explain about Blood sugar testing.
5. Explain the screening methods for estimating blood pressure.
6. Define screening methods for blood sugar.
7. Discuss different test involved in cholesterol estimation
8. List out different pulmonary test explain about any one method
9. Discuss different test involved in Blood sugar testing
10. Explore health screening.

5 marks

1. What are the screening techniques for blood sugar?
2. Discuss about cholesterol testing.
3. Explain about lung function test
4. Define health screening services for estimating blood pressure
5. Define health screening explain any one method
6. Explain about spirometry
7. What do you know about cholesterol testing.
8. What do you know about lung function test
9. What do you know about blood sugar
10. What do you know about blood pressure

Chapter 9 OTC Medication- Definition, OTC medication list & Counselling

2 Marks

1. Define OTC medication
2. Give examples of OTC medications
3. When OTC medications are dispensed.
4. Write about concealing for OTC.
5. What is the role of Pharmacists in OTC medications.
6. Give some examples of OTC medications
7. Write about counseling tips for OTC medications.
8. Enumerate about counseling for OTC medication.
9. What do you about OTC medication.
10. Comment on OTC medication.

Chapter 10 Health Education WHO Definition of health, and health promotion, care for children, pregnant & breastfeeding women, and geriatric patients. Commonly occurring Communicable Diseases,
causative agents, Clinical presentations and prevention of communicable
dis Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Amoebiasis, Malaria, Leprosy, Syphilis,
Gonorrhea and AIDS, Balance diet, and treatment & prevention of deficiency disorders Family planning – the role of the pharmacist

10 marks

1. Define a Balanced diet. Write a note on vitamins deficiency disorders and their prevention
2. Define health. Describe the pharmaceutical care for geriatrics
3. Define health. Describe the pharmaceutical care for pediatrics
4. Define health. Describe the pharmaceutical care for Breastfeeding mothers
5. Define health. Describe the pharmaceutical care for pregnant women
6. Explain the causative organism, clinical presentation & prevention of Hepatitis & Typhoid?
7. Write briefly about Syphilis & Gonorrhea?
8. What is a balanced diet? Discuss the treatment & prevention of deficiency disorder?
9. Discuss about the causative organism, clinical presentation & prevention of TB & Malaria.
10. Discuss about the causative organism, clinical presentation,life cycle of plasmodium species.
11. Explain the role of the community pharmacists in family planning. Write about different methods of family planning.
12. Discuss in detail about AIDS & Leprosy.
13. Define a communicable disease. Discuss the role of community pharmacist in preventing communicable diseases.
14. Discuss about the causative organism, clinical presentation & prevention of Hepatitis.
15. Discuss about the causative organism, clinical presentation & prevention of Amoebiasis.

2 marks

1. Diaphragm & Condom.
2. Pellagra & Scurvy.
3. Abstinence.
4. Beriberi.
5. Hormonal methods.
6. Amoebiasis.
7. vasectomy
8. Marasmus & Kwashiorkor.
9. Tubectomy
10. Balanced Diet
11. Causative organisms for malaria
12. Causative organisms for Typhoid

Chapter 11 Responding to symptoms of minor ailments

5 marks

1. What are the GI disturbances, explain in detail.
2. Write a note on diarrhea.
3. Write briefly about Dyspepsia.
4. Common drug therapy to pain.
5. Vomiting.
6. Constipation.
7. Discuss worms infestations.
8. Write a note on Pyrexia.
9. Write a note on Nausea.
10. Write a note on ophthalmic symptoms.
11. Drugs used in the treatment of Nausea and vomiting.

2 marks

1. Pyrexia.
2. Ophthalmic symptoms.

Relevant pathophysiology, common drug therapy to, Pain, GI disturbances (Nausea, Vomiting,
Dyspepsia, diarrhea, constipation), Pyrexia, Ophthalmic symptoms, worms infestations (5marks / 2 marks)

3. Worms infestations.
4. Drugs used in ophthalmic disorders.
5. Write about worm infestations.
6. Write about Ophthalmic symptoms.
7. Write about Pyrexia.
8. Write about ophthalmic disorders.
9. Drugs used in worm infestations.
10. What do you know about ophthalmic symptoms.

Chapter 12 Essential Drugs concept and Rational Drug Therapy

(2 Marks)

1. Write a note on the rational use of drugs.
2. Write a note on the Essential drug concept.
3. Health indicators of essential drug concept.
4. Name Steps involved in the selection of essential drugs.
5. Write about rational drug therapy for injections.
6. Comment on the rational use of drugs.
7. Write about the rational use of drugs.
8. What do you know about the rational use of drugs.
9. Write the principle of the essential drug concept.
10. Enumerate about the rational use of drugs.

Chapter 13 Code of ethics for community pharmacists (2 marks)

2 marks

1. Define the code of ethics.
2. Code of ethics of pharmacist in relation to his profession.
3. Write the role of the pharmacist in the code of ethics.
4. Write on code of ethics in health care profession.
5. Write on code of ethics towards patients.
6. Write on code of ethics towards Society.
7. Write on code of ethics pharmacy profession.
8. Write on code of ethics towards professional relation.
9. Write a note on autonomy and dignity.
10. Write a note on the trade of Pharmacy.

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