All subjects study material, notes with various topics for Pharm. D. students.

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Pharmacy laboratory is one of the important labs pharmacy students will learn valuable skills in drug production.

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Question Bank is a library containing hundreds of questions you can add to your survey in seconds.

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Pharm D lectures for helping students so that can clear all doubts without going in the loop of confusion and self doubt.

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Pharm. D. Library has collections of books, journals, and media related to research in our primary subject specialties

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Download previous year questions papers for all Pharm. D. year and Subjects wise on recnotes and prepare for better result

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Hey Guys!!!!

RecNotes intends to grow day by day,contributions from readers is highly appreciated. This means if you want to share your notes,questions bank,previous year question paper,ppts or any other study material related to Pharm. D. you can send on our e-mail address [email protected] or you can submit your material by clicking on the contribute now button & be make sure that it will be considered. And you can also win cash prizes ₹ 05 to ₹ 1000 on per contribution. Cash prize will be credited in a respected account holder Rec-Pay wallet after the approval/Publishing of your shared contribution. You can withdraw your money from wallet to in your bank account within few seconds.

From RecNotes

I am using this website and app approx 4-5 months. I like this app. RecNotes service is very good and its support is great. Always user-friendly. Accurate time to upload notes l am always like this website and app. I am learning this website and notice my education is better from past. This website is too good. It is very useful website. This website help to you make your learning is better and external knowledge.


Kaushal Singh


This app is really good for students for learning something new about our subjects. In India, there are lots of students who are not able to get precise study material for Pharm D so this app assists to learn for those students and also make our future. I want to say not in India in the whole world this app is fabulous.

In this app, there are so many features so that’s why student like this app. this app provide lots of questions and answer with a solution that’s why this app is relevant for students.

“good luck students”


Kavya Tiwari


RecNotes is one of the best platform for students as well as teachers and I have literally found everything I wanted to learn on this app it’s very convenient to have just one app for your Notes, exam question bank, lab experiments, E-books, previous year question paper and Pharm D Guide and the list goes on. It’s totally free of cost and we get quality education that’s why it’s specifically very beneficial for students  who can’t afford coaching classes notes or cannot access it from their location.

Priya Chaudhary


Unlearning a wrong concept is more painful than learning it right the first time. RecNotes provides the best notes who build the right base and you can choose the one you like the most.

Rahu Prabhakar


One of the famous learning platform in India.

Pharm D RecNotes is a great initiative taken by the founders and the educators to share knowledge and help the students who took addmission in Pharm D.

Heena Khan


RecNotes is an excellent platform where I got guidance from experts, and that too very comfortably along with enlightening doubt clearing sessions.

Sakshi Chauhan


Ayushi Mam explains concepts so well with real-life examples. I feel so confident now in the subject.

Shivam Mishra


I wish Soeb sir was a teacher at my college, so all my friends could understand how easy math can be. I like the way, he let us discover the logic behind a problem. Math is so much fun now! Thank you Soeb sir for everything you did for us.

Anju Nupane

I have seen my son going from hating medicinal biochemistry to absolutely loving it. His marks have improved so much from last test. Even his teachers were surprised seeing the radical shift. He looks forward to read Medicinal Biochemistry notes given by Riddhima. Thank you Riddhima Ma’am for making Medicinal Biochemistry so much fun for my child! :

Gazala Khan


“Beautifully explained. Simple language & taught in an easy way.”

Harivansh Verma


“I have been using the RecNotes for over a period of time now. It has pooled his best hands in the fields of Pharmacy with an astounding knowledge base. The concepts, illustrations, and overall explanation are very detailed and second to none. The site has helped me nail the basics to perfection and I have a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Last but not least it is perfect for our pharmacy savvy generation and I just can’t stop loving this site!”

Shivangi Sinha


You will surely be rewarded for your such selfless deed. It’s only due to you that I have cleared all my doubts in Pharmaceutics Calculations. Not only this much, whenever you post any study material we get so much inspiration & motivation.
RecNotes get back my academic life on track.
thank you for creating such a wonderful platform for us.

Shreya Sharma


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