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Syrup, Introduction & Preparations

Introduction of Syrup Syrups are concentrated, aqueous preparations of sugar or sugar substitute with or without flavoring agents and medicinal substances. Syrups containing flavoring agents but not medicinal substances are called flavored vehicles/syrups, for example, cherry syrup, cocoa syrup. Syrups containing medicinal agents are called medicated syrups, for example, chlorpheniramine maleate syrup. Most syrups contain …


Elixirs & It’s types

These are sweetened, flavored hydro-alcoholic preparations usually containing bitter or potent medicaments such as anthelmintics, antihistamines, and sedatives. The alcohol concentration of an elixir is generally between 10% and 40%. Elixirs are clear preparations and are more fluid than syrup because of the use of less-viscous ingredients. They are palatable, and hence, they are often …


Emulsions, Types of Emulsions(2), Advantages, Disadvantages

Introduction Of Emulsions Emulsion is a heterogeneous system consisting of one immiscible liquid dispersed in another in the form of droplets whose diameter, in general, exceeds 0.1 microns. Such a system possesses minimal stability because the droplets quickly coalesce and the two liquids get separated. The stability of the emulsion is increased by adding another …

Sodium Hypochlorite Presentation

Powders – Advantages, Disadvantages, Classification of Powders, preparation of powders, Ingredients into powders

Introduction A powder is a homogenous mixture of more or less finely divided particulate material in dry form. Although the use of powders as an SDF has declined yet they are the starting material in the manufacture of many dosage forms. Powders are one of the oldest dosage forms and are used both internally and …

Pharm D
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