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Chapter 5 Haemopoietic System Question Answer Bank

Chapter 5 Haemopoietic System LONG ESSAYS (10Marks) 1. Describe the constituents of blood and their functions. Answer: PLASMA When formed elements are removed from the blood, a straw-colored liquid called blood plasma is left. OTHER SOLUTES (1.5%) ELECTROLYTES Inorganic salts. Positively charges ions(cations) include Na+,K+,Ca+,Mg2+; Negatively charged ions(anions) include Cl-,HPO42-,SO42-,HCO3-. Help maintain osmotic pressure and …

Chapter 16. Sports Physiology

Chapter 16. Sports Physiology Question Answer Bank

SHORT ANSWERS (2M) 1. Enlist the drugs used by athletes. Answer: • Anabolic steroids • Androstenedione • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) • Erythropoietin • Diuretics • Creatine • Stimulants 2. Write the effect of exercises on CVS. Answer: A. Decrease in resting heart rate. Because the rigors of regular exercise require so much work from …

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Question Bank

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Question Bank

A. Introduction (2 marks) 1. Write four pharmaceutical uses of microorganisms. 2. State Koch’s postulates. 3. List out harmful effects of micro-organisms 4. Write any four applications of Microbiology. 5. Name the major divisions of the microbial world. 6. Write contributions of Antony Van Leeuwen hek. 7. Write the contributions of Edward Jenner. 8. Write …

skeletal system

Chapter – 4 . Osseous System Question Answer Bank

SHORT ESSAYS (5M) 1. Classify joints with examples Answer: 2. Explain the Haversian canal system of bone. Answer: Haversian canals a series of microscopic tubes in the outermost region of bone called cortical bone that allows blood vessels and nerves to travel through them. Each Haversian canal generally contains one or two capillaries and nerve …

Chapter 3. Elementary Tissues of The Human Body Question Answer Bank

Chapter 3. Elementary Tissues of The Human Body SHORT ESSAYS (5M) 1.Classify tissues with examples. Answer: • Epithelial: Is made of cells arranged in a continuous sheet with one or more layers, has apical & basal surfaces.     o A basement membrane is the attachment between the basal surface of the cell & the underlying …

Chapter 2. Structure of cell - its components and their functions.

Chapter 2. Structure of cell – its components and their functions Question Answer Bank

Chapter 2. Structure of cell – its components and their functions. 1.Explain the structure and functions of the cell membrane. Answer: Structure of the Plasma Membrane The basic structural framework of the plasma membrane is the lipid bilayer, two back-to-back layers made up of three types of lipid molecules—phospholipids, cholesterol, and glycolipids. About 75% of …

Scope of anatomy and physiology

Chapter 1. Scope of anatomy and physiology, basic terminologies used in this subject Question Answer Bank

Chapter 1 Scope of anatomy and physiology, basic terminologies used in this subject SHORT ESSAYS (2M) 1.Define Anatomy and Physiology? Answer: Anatomy is (the study of the structure of the body) the branch of science that studies the physical structure of a human body. Physiology is (the study of the functioning of living things) the …

Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics

Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics Question Bank

BIOPHARMACEUTICS AND PHARMACOKINETICS IV PHARM D/PHARM D P.B- I QUESTION BANK UNIT I – BIOPHARMACEUTICS: ABSORPTION, DISTRIBUTION, ELIMINATION 10 MARKS 1. Define Absorption. Discuss in detail the various biological factors affecting drug absorption. 2. Discuss in detail the various physico-chemical factors affecting drug absorption. 3. Discuss in detail the various physiological factors affecting drug absorption. …



MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY QUESTION BANK OF PHARM D 3RD YEAR Long Essays (10 Marks) 1. Define and classify antibiotics. Explain SAR and Mechanism of action of Beta-lactam antibiotics 2. Describe the degradation of penicillins. Explain the development of acid-resistant penicillins 3. What are antibiotics? Discuss the SAR & MOA of tetracyclines 4. What are beta-lactam antibiotics? …

pharmaceutical analysis

Pharmaceutical Analysis Question Bank

PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS QUESTION BANK PHARM D 3RD YEAR 10 MARKS QUESTIONS 1. Discuss the principle & development techniques used in column chromatography Add a note on the adsorbents mobile phase & detection systems in column chromatography. 2. Write a note on development techniques in column chromatography. 3. Describe the preparation, activation of plates &adsorbents used …

Pharm D
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